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Virtual Tour of Cambridge

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Discover stunning buildings and find out about inspiring people of Cambridge, without leaving the comfort of your own home! Join us for a colourful virtual walk through the city and explore a pub that is linked to a groundbreaking scientific discovery, a thousand-year-old church, a beautiful wooden bridge wrongly ascribed to Newton, a modern clock powered by a creepy creature, and visit a few famous colleges that are currently closed to the public. Ideal for those who cannot physically visit Cambridge at the moment but would like to get a flavour of the place.

A public virtual tour of Cambridge. With slides, video clips, and Google Maps Streetview, this is the second best to the real experience! My tour is freindly, informal, and interactive – it is not a dry lecture or a stale recording. I talk to the participants, and they are encouraged to react, ask questions, make comments, and even laugh at my jokes if any!


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2 reviews for Virtual Tour of Cambridge

  1. Bev Dear

    Fun and informative

    A wonderful virtual tour of Cambridge highlights. Informative and fun, with quirky stories of famous figures, cars on a roof, and a Lord’s bear! Tanya’s tour was informative with interesting historical details and an excellent range of sights, bringing the city’s past and present to life. Many thanks!

  2. Dasha

    An in-depth tour of Cambridge with a clear passion for the subject. A history of the uni which will make you want to study there, would definitely recommend. I’ve never been there but I’m already in love with that place! I would definitely recommend

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