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Guided Tours
of Cambridge:

  • Face-to-Face or Virtual
  • Face-to-face walking tours
    • Groups as large as 30 people can be taken for outside tours.
  • Virtual tour of Cambridge. Price: £10 per screen. Duration: 1.5 hrs (including questions from the audience).
    • Designed for those who have no opportunity to travel to Cambridge and see it in the flesh in the near future. These tours are friendly, informal, interactive - with a chance to ask questions, and plenty to see - there are slides, 'moving pictures', and sounds from the real place!
    • Please do invite your friends and family in other cities and overseas to sample the delights of Cambridge from the comfort of their own home.
    • An introductory tour is available, or it can be tailored to your own wishes.
  • Public or Private
  • Public walking tour of Cambridge - join one of the existing groups. Price: £20 per person for 1.5 hours, or £25 per person for 2 hrs (5 - 20 people*). Please check our upcoming events to see if there is a scheduled tour, or contact us with your preferred date and time, and group size.
  • Private walking tour of Cambridge, especially for you and your own group, designed to meet your specific interests! Price: 1.5 hrs = £110, 2 hrs = £135, 2.5 hrs = £160, 3 hrs = £180, or contact us and choose your own duration. — You may choose a short introductory tour "Sights and Highlights", a longer, more in-depth version of it, or a tour with a special focus - such as History, Science in Cambridge, Maths and Computing, Physics and Astronomy, Architecture, Famous Cambridge Personalities, Ghost Tour, or the Fitzwilliam Museum. If you have a theme in mind that is not listed here, please get in touch, and we shall see what we can do for you!

*From 17th May 2021, maximum size of the group = 20 (to avoid overcrowding on the narrow streets of Cambridge).

  • Choose from the list below, or let us know what you wish. We can cater for your needs!

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sights & Highlights

We shall explore the very heart of Cambridge, where new and old look out at us from every nook and cranny – hear stories of mediaeval strife and riots, struggles and labours of many a generation of students and scholars, and triumphs of the human thought. On our way, we shall discuss how ideas and life itself have changed over centuries, and what today’s Cambridge is like – both the City and the University.

science tours

Join us for this popular and easy to follow walking tour through Cambridge City Centre, and learn how, for centuries on, people wondered about the world around them, came up with theories, tested, tried, discussed, abandoned, and occasionally revived them: from Darwin to DNA, from Newton to nuclei, from a 400-year-old lode ball modelling the Earth to Maxwell’s fields, Dirac’s antimatter, and Hawking’s “grey black holes”…

ghosts of cambridge

On a good night, Cambridge is teeming with ghosts! Join us to roam though the quiet, dark alleyways of the old city, listen our for rustling sounds, watch the shivering shadows and absorb the ambience of a place full of mysteries, some macabre, some scary, some simply spooky… Come and find out what the Cambridge ghosts are up to and the stories behind them!

Fitzwilliam Museum

Let us immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of fine art and history – the Fitzwilliam Museum is a true little gem, which combines welcoming warmth, sparkling inspiration and the exquisite quality and breadth of its collections! We shall ‘travel’ through time, paying a visit to Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt, Greece and Renaissance Italy, British Pre-Raphaelites and French Impressionists, to name but a few.

Treasure Hunts & Quizzes

Try one of our specially designed, bespoke treasure hunts: for children, adults, families, groups of friends, and parties.

They are fun, interactive, visual, educational and entertaining! Get in touch and let us know what you have in mind.

Easily tailored for your needs: a birthday party, a get-together, an activity for families with children, or a team-building exercise.

Get in touch with us!