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Пешеходная экскурсия по берегу реки: в окрестностях улицы Честертон-Лэйн

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Мы увидим старейшие городские здания; представим себе, как знакомые места выглядели в далёком прошлом; насладимся тихим плеском реки и поговорим о любимых развлечениях в Кембридже на протяжении веков, археологических раскопках, монахах, отшельниках, одержимых учёных и бесшабашных студентах, небывалых птичках, лодочных состязаниях, а также о чесноке и шоколаде!

Весенняя пешеходная экскурсия по берегу реки Кем и в окрестностях, по менее известным местам, вдали от главных туристских маршрутов Кембриджа.
Продолжительность: 1,5 часа.
Язык: русский
Взрослые - £15. Дети от 10 до 15 лет - £7.50. Дети моложе 10 лет - бесплатно (однако данная экскурсия на детей младшего возраста не рассчитана).

Начало маршрута - у входа в паб The Punter, 3 Pound Hill, Cambridge CB3 0AE52.210516, 0.113236)

Продолжительность: 1,5 часа (или по договорённости)



31st March 2021 (Wed), 2pm, 5th April 2021 (Mon),11:30am, 7th April 2021 (Wed), 11am, 11th April 2021 (Sun), 11am, 18th April 2021 (Sun), 11:45am, 15th May 2021 (Sat), 11am, 16th May 2021 (Sun), 11:45am, 10th June 2021 (Thu), 10:45am, Contact us with a suggested date

Возрастная группа

Adults (from age 16) (£15), Children 10-15 (£7.50)

7 отзыва на Guided Walk along the river: Chesterton Lane and Jesus Green

  1. Lola F

    Very informative and interesting tour!

    What a wonderful experience! Tatiana, who is incredibly knowledgeable, gave us an interesting insight into the history of the city which is so dear to me – Cambridge! I think I often take it for granted as I live near-by. The tour simply open my eyes. Every corner, every building has the history behind it. Can’t recommend the tour enough. Time and money well invested.

  2. Theodora B

    Amazing tour and an superb tour guide!

    Absolutely loved the tour yesterday.
    Tatiana is a excellent guide, knowledgeable and witty!
    I was pleased to learn so much more about the city I thought I knew.
    Many thanks again and I certainly recommend Tatiana to everyone!”

  3. Larisa S

    It was great two hours walk and lot of wonderful stories! Tania’s knowledge is enormous, she is wonderful storyteller!!!

    You think that you know about Cambridge? This tour was as deep dive to the history of the places. You will learn about old buildings and their transformation through the centuries. I was surprised, that I did not see obvious things and never questioned myself why? We are rushing around during our working hours and shopping and don’t have any time to stop and look around! It is what we did with Tania!

  4. Alexander B

    Superb walking tour!

    The best guided tour in Cambridge, where you will hear something you would never know without spending days and weeks in the library. It was inspiring, educational, entertaining.

  5. RB

    Fun and insightful tour

    A wonderful tour full of curious stories about places we rush past almost every day and hardly notice. The two hours of walking around and learning many interesting facts while listening to Tania were neither tiring nor overwhelming. I’m definitely looking forward to Tania’s other tours of Cambridge and beyond!

  6. Diana

    Fascinating walks

    I have attended a few guided walks in Cambridge conducted by Tatiana and I have enjoyed every single one. You could listen to Tatiana’s narratives for hours and never get bored.

  7. Nadia S

    Fascinating stories

    Tatiana is an amazing tour guide. I really loved hearing the history of Cambridge full of fascinating stories about interesting people and places. Tatiana is very friendly, knowledgeable and approachable. I’m planning to be a regular visitor on her tours.

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