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Пожелаем удачи выпускникам!

Церемония выпуска в Кембриджском университете во всей красе; не вполне обычное время в сентябре, но приходится навёрстывать упущенное в печально известном 2020 году. Вчера 500 с лишним улыбающихся молодых людей и девушек небольшими стройными вереницами прошагали на церемонию в "Дом Сената", сверкая разноцветными подкладками капюшонов. Алые "доктора философии", голубые - магистры, а с белой меховой оторочкой - бакалавры. Пожелаем им удачи!

Кембриджские учёные в магазине

I popped into Ted Baker’s the other day – not to browse through their garments, of course, but simply to look at the interior, and was pleasantly surprised to see some familiar Cambridge characters on the wall. There was Isaac Newton’s rough-hewn image with a piercing gaze, a strikingly young and handsome Lord Rayleigh, and a heavily bearded old Darwin deeply engrossed in his thoughts. ‘What a great idea’, I noted, ‘male scientists as role models to inspire the customers to aim high’.

Then a grand staircase leading to the women’s department caught my attention – and I was almost flying up the stairs before I knew it, in the anticipation of a close encounter with Rosalind Franklin perhaps, or Dorothy Hodgkin, or Jocelyn Bell Burnell. Guess whom or what I saw there instead? Just a couple of dead birds on the wall…

Cambridge scientists and dead birds: inside Ted baker's shop in Cambridge

Можно снова встречаться большими группами!

Guiding larger groups is now possible on the streets of Cambridge. According to the new rules:

– Gatherings of up to 30 are allowed outdoors since 17th May 2021. Hence, our guided tours in Cambridge are returning to the usual group size of maximum 20 people.

– Indoor guiding (if and when it becomes possible) will still be in goups of maximum 6 people, plus the guide.

– Social distancing is still important, but it will now be people’s *personal responsibility*, i.e. it will be up to individuals to decide how far they wish to distance themselves from each other. (As a guide, I will need to make sure there is enough room for everyone to be comfortably positioned on the narrow streets of Cambridge!)

– Tracking and tracing will be carried out as before.

Guiding larger groups is now allowed outdoors

Круглые церкви вокруг света

Our Round Church in Cambridge is not alone – she has sisters around the world. Guess where these two are!

Three Round Churches

Peep at the answer

The Temple Church, Temple, London EC4Y 7BB

Santo Sepolcro, Brindisi, Italy

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre (The Round Church), Cambridge, CB2 1UB.

Отличные новости из Королевского колледжа

Excellent news from King’s College Chapel: guided tours are now being offered from Tuesday to Friday this week only (half-term) at the following times: 10:00 – 10.45am, 11:00 – 11.45am, 1:00 – 1.45pm, and 2:00 – 2.45pm. After this, public tours of the Chapel will be offered every Saturday from this coming weekend (31st October) until the end of term. To book: https://www.kings.cam.ac.uk/visit/your-visit

Kings Chapel 3 062019